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Overnight Sleep Training Services in San Francisco

Whether you’ve been at it for just a few days or for a few weeks, sleep training your baby can become an emotional and stressful process for the entire household. It’s very, very common for obstacles to arise during this nighttime journey. And in the midst of sleep deprivation, Bay Area parents can often wonder if this whole sleep training thing just isn’t working. 


If reading those mommy blogs at 3am isn’t doing the trick, a certified sleep consultant in San Francisco like Evi Kantor is here to help. With her overnight sleep training services, she will provide in-home support to identify and solve issues within the sleep training process and help you and your baby achieve this important milestone. With her wide-ranging experience as a doula, Evi’s gentle, hands-on approach will guide you through how to effectively sleep train your baby throughout the night, as well as share personalized tips and tricks that only an experienced sleep consultant like her can offer.

Benefits of In-Home, Overnight Sleep Training

With a professional in the home to support you every step of the way, you can have the confidence to know that sleep training your baby is not impossible, and Evi will show you how to do it. Here are just a few benefits of hiring an experienced night doula and sleep consultant for overnight sleep training services in the San Francisco area. 

Instant Problem-Solving

With the overnight package, Evi will be on-hand to immediately address issues as they arise throughout the night. She’ll be able to identify potential causes to sleep disruptions and provide solutions unique to your circumstances and your baby’s needs. She will also generate new ideas and strategies to address different environmental factors that may be affecting your baby’s sleep patterns.

Parental Education, Personalized to Your and Your Baby

As your in-home consultant, Evi is your resource for all questions and concerns you may have during the process. From setting age-appropriate sleep expectations to implementing new strategies, she will be available to answer your questions and offer specialized tips, backed by sleep science, for supporting your baby’s sleep during the night.

A Professional’s Touch You Can Trust

With her many years of experience as a doula, Evi has seen it all. She understands that sleep training can be a very challenging and emotionally draining journey for many families. Her calm and knowledgeable approach comes without judgment, and she will work with you to craft sleep training strategies that grant peace of mind and support your family through the process.

What Does the Overnight Sleep Training Package Include?

The overnight sleep training package starts with one night to implement the sleep plan, for a total of 12 hours of in-home support. It also includes up to four hours of consultation and two of follow-up support by phone, email or text message. Parents also have the option of adding up to two additional nights of overnight sleep training support. 


  • One night (12 hours) of in-home sleep training services: $1400 total

  • Each additional night (up to two more nights): $1150 each

Contact Evi Kantor for Overnight Sleep Training in San Francisco Area 

Every baby is different. For some babies, sleeping through the night without parental intervention may require a little extra help. For families who could benefit from a professional’s assistance with sleep training, Evi is here for you. Her compassionate touch and practical advice give parents the tools they need to successfully establish healthy sleep habits for their babies. Reach out to Evi today for trusted sleep training services in San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area.

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