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Sleep Training Consultant in San Francisco

Effective sleep training teaches your baby how to sleep independently throughout the night and develop healthy sleep habits. By helping your baby learn how to self-soothe without intervention, you also can achieve a better night’s sleep and keep your own mental well-being in check. At its core, sleep training services are an investment into the entire family’s well-being and can improve the quality of life for every member of the household. 


As a San Francisco sleep training consultant with extensive experience as a doula, Evi Kantor provides valuable guidance and support to help babies and their families lead stronger, healthier lives.

Our Approach to Baby Sleep Training Services

When it comes to sleeping independently, every baby is different. Perhaps you have friends whose babies sleep through the night with no issues, and you wonder why your baby struggles to do the same. These challenges are not a poor reflection of you as a parent. Some babies simply have more trouble sleeping through the night, and that’s okay.  


Evi understands that having a baby who struggles with sleep training can be an emotional and difficult process for families. As a certified sleep consultant with 10 years of experience in supporting new families, Evi recognizes issues and obstacles in the process to develop a customized plan that works for your baby. 

Ultimately, parents have an instinctive sense of what’s best for their child and Evi will support their choices with gentle guidance and different ideas to try. Her experience as a doula in San Francisco lends to a strong track record of supporting families from all walks of life. Through an individualized approach that addresses your baby’s needs as well as clear communication that ensures everyone remains on the same page, Evi will help you navigate roadblocks and build a foundation for your baby’s continual development.

Sleep Training Packages in San Francisco & Greater Bay Area

Evi’s sleep training packages range from online consultations to overnight stays in the home. Parents in the Bay Area can choose from three sleep training packages that are available to little ones aged four months to 14 months: 

$450 Online Package

One-hour consultation via Zoom or over the phone includes a customized sleep plan and follow-up support for three weeks.

$650 In-Person Package

Two-hour consultation in the home includes a walkthrough of your baby’s sleep plan as well as helpful tips for getting quality sleep at night. Evi provides three weeks of support after the consultation.

$1,400 Overnight Package

Up to three night’s stay to implement the sleep plan at 12 hours per night and up to four hours of sleep training consulting in the home. The overnight package also includes three weeks of support after the overnight stay.

When Should My Baby Start Sleep Training?

Generally speaking, babies can begin sleep training around four months old. However, there is no one-size-fits all approach to determining when it is appropriate to introduce sleep training. It’s recommended you discuss different options with your child’s pediatrician or a Bay Area sleep consultant like Evi to decide when to start sleep training. 


That being said, there are some common signs that your baby is ready for sleep training to keep an eye out for. If your baby responds well to a consistent bedtime and can sleep on their own for five to six hours on some nights, your little one may be in a good place in their development to begin sleep training.


It’s also important that parents and caregivers are ready to begin sleep training, too. This process requires patience and consistency to be effective, so ensuring you have the scheduling availability and emotional bandwidth to start this journey with your baby is critical to establishing these healthy sleep habits. 

Contact Evi Kantor for Bay Area Sleep Training Services  

Evi Kantor provides compassionate, effective sleep training services and postpartum care so new families are empowered to build healthy lives from the very beginning. For trusted care in San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area, reach out to Evi today. 

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