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Postpartum Doula Services in San Francisco

Also known as the fourth trimester, the postpartum period is a transformational time when new parents and their baby adjust to extraordinary physical and emotional changes. A postpartum doula is a trusted source of support and helpful information for young families who help them navigate these new changes in the household. 

With her comprehensive experience as a doula and sleep training consultant in San Francisco, Evi Kantor provides all the tools and knowledge you need to effectively soothe your baby, build your confidence as a new parent, and build a lifelong foundation of comfort and trust with your child.

What Does a Postpartum Doula Do?

Postpartum doulas provide non-medical guidance about breastfeeding, infant sleeping methods, bonding with baby, general care tips, and so much more. A postpartum doula’s job is often described as “mothering the mother” because she serves as an educational resource for all sorts of questions and issues that may arise in the 12 weeks after giving birth. 


As part of her postpartum consultation services via Zoom or FaceTime in the Bay Area, Evi will help you navigate an array of newborn care needs, including:


  • Breastfeeding guidance

  • Baby soothing techniques

  • Bonding with baby

  • Building confidence for new parents

  • Creating a soothing sleep environment 

  • Forming healthy routines for parents and child

Evi’s postpartum services in San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area include an initial 1-hour video call, 1 follow-up call, and 2 more follow-up calls when your child reaches between 2 and 3 months of age. In total, these services come to $300.

What Are the Goals of Postpartum Care?

Postpartum doula services in San Francisco work to achieve a wide range of goals during the fourth trimester. Some of the most significant objectives for new parents with regard to postpartum care involve:

Education About Newborn Care

A postpartum doula is your one-on-one support system and informational resource for newborn care. Caring for a new baby can be a beautiful yet stressful period, particularly for new parents, and a trusted doula like Evi provides all the information you need to care for your child as well as yourself. With her speciality in establishing healthy sleep practices, she will help you learn how to effectively soothe and comfort your baby so your entire household can enjoy a more peaceful day-to-day routine.

Recognize & Address Issues

Doulas are very adept at spotting potential issues before they become bigger problems. While they are not medical professionals, they can give useful advice regarding difficulties with breastfeeding, postpartum depression, and general stress that comes with such a life-changing adjustment. An experienced postpartum doula knows what is normal in newborn development as well as what may be cause for concern, and she can point you in the right direction for getting external support if necessary.

Empower New Parents

First-time parenthood can be daunting to even the most self-assured individuals. Postpartum doulas are there for you every step of the way to lend useful advice, act as a sounding board on those tough days, and empower you to make the right decisions for your child. Ensuring you have the tools you need to handle all those new parenting responsibilities with confidence provides the building blocks to a healthy and fulfilling relationship with your baby.

Gentle, Compassionate Postpartum Doula Care for San Francisco Families

With an experienced postpartum doula and sleep trainer like Evi Kantor in your corner, you will receive the useful advice and care that you and your baby deserve during this transformational time. She offers invaluable guidance and compassionate support to her clients and their families throughout the Bay Area. Reach out to Evi for postpartum care services in Greater San Francisco today.

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