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Postpartum Help at Home: What We Can Do

Stressed new mom who needs postpartum help

The postpartum period, or the "fourth trimester," is often a transformative and challenging time for new mothers. While it brings immense joy and bonding with a new baby, it can also bring numerous difficulties. New moms may face exhaustion, pain, and overwhelming emotions as they navigate their recovery and the demands of caring for a newborn. This is where a San Francisco postpartum professional like Evi Kantor can lighten the load with compassionate and non-judgemental postpartum help at home. 

Signs a New Mom May Need Postpartum Help

Physical Signs

In the haze of new motherhood, it's important to recognize when a mom may need some extra support for her physical health. Here are some common signs that indicate she may benefit from additional help in the form of a postpartum doula or specialist.

  • Sleep deprivation & fatigue: Of course, a baseline level of sleep deprivation is expected for anyone who is caring for a newborn. However, excessive fatigue that does not improve with sleep suggests a deeper issue. If a new mother is struggling with serious sleep deprivation, it may be time to consider bringing a professional postpartum specialist to help with night feedings or household tasks so she can rest.

  • Difficulty with breastfeeding: Breastfeeding a newborn is often one of the most challenging aspects of postpartum care, especially for new mothers. Latching issues, generalized pain, milk supply concerns, and more are very common and can create deeply stressful situations for both mom and baby. A professional postpartum doula like Evi is intimately experienced in providing guidance for working through these breastfeeding issues. She can help with proper latch techniques, positioning the baby, and addressing pain. 

  • Physical pain after childbirth: Recovery from giving birth, whether a vaginal delivery or cesarean section, is often a slow and painful process for new moms. Persistent pain or difficulty with physical recovery that interferes with daily activities is a big sign that additional postpartum help is needed. From pain management techniques to assistance with mobility, as well as more straightforward assistance like bathing and dressing, a postpartum professional can help. 

By providing compassionate care and expert advice to new parents in the Bay Area, Evi Kantor can significantly strengthen a new mother’s physical recovery, allowing her to focus on bonding with her baby and enjoying the early days of motherhood.

Emotional Signs

Not only is the postpartum period a time of physical changes, but also one of intense emotional adjustments. New mothers typically experience a wide range of emotions, and it's important to recognize when these feelings might indicate a need for additional support.

  • Consistent sadness or overwhelm: It’s very normal to feel a mix of emotions after childbirth, but persistent feelings of sadness, anxiety, or depression can indicate something more serious. If a new mother is experiencing significant mood swings, irritability, is crying frequently, or is no longer enjoying activities she once did, it may be time to ask for additional help. While a postpartum doula cannot provide mental health services, she can get new mothers in touch with local specialists who can help. 

  • Challenges bonding with baby: Despite what movies and television shows often portray, it can sometimes take time for a new mom to bond with her baby. However, if she continually feels disconnected from her baby, or struggles to feel any attachment at all, she may benefit from stronger help. A postpartum specialist like Evi is trained in noticing the signs that suggest professional mental health support may be needed, and can point you in the right direction to receive those services. 

Professional postpartum help from Evi can offer much-needed reassurance and validation to new moms in San Francisco, helping them feel more confident and capable. This emotional support can come in the form of regular check-ins and practical advice.

Get in Touch for Postpartum Help in San Francisco

Asking for help during the postpartum period is a sign of strength, not weakness, because prioritizing your well-being allows you to be the best version of yourself for your baby and your family. To see how an experienced postpartum professional like Evi Kantor can help you regain control of your life at home and embrace motherhood, reach out today. 


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