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Excellent Quality Postpartum Care For You & Your Newborn Baby

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I’m a postpartum doula and a certified infant sleep consultant. My goal is to help you thrive during your fourth trimester, rather than just survive. Beyond getting you the extra sleep your recovering body needs and deserves, I will arm you with tips and techniques to help make your postpartum experience a more fulfilling one. I have been supporting new families for over ten years. I have extensive experience in lactation and I'm a certified sleep consultant. My philosophy is to provide caring support and information in a non-judgmental manner. I believe that supporting families will empower them  creating stronger, healthier babies, families and communities. Most importantly, I believe that parents instinctively know what is in the best interest of their child. I will support your decisions and directions on how to care for your child. Please reach out to schedule a free consultation so we can see if we are a good fit to work together. I look forward hearing from you!

Certified sleep consultant Evi Kantor
Mother and Baby

  • Soothing techniques to calm a fussy baby

  • How to take care of your baby

  • Breastfeeding support

  • How your partner can help and bond with your baby

  • How to establish a Feed-Play-Sleep pattern from the start

  • Tools and tricks for setting up a comforting sleep environment

  • Building confidence as a parent  


sleep training + packages
for you and your baby, 4 -14 months old

I specialize in teaching babies to sleep through the night. Hiring a professional with a proven sleep training method takes the stress out of the experience. I work with you one on one and make adjustments on your unique situation. All babies are different and I will create a personalized sleep plan and  I will coach you through the entire training.

Home: Sleep Training Services



  • One hour consultation over the phone or zoom

  • Customized sleep plan for your baby

  • Follow up support for two weeks - by phone, email or text

bedtime support


  • Customized sleep plan for your baby

  • A private, in home, two-hour consultation to guide through the sleep plan and teach you the steps

  • Three weeks of follow up support- by phone, email or text

in home 
sleep training 



 Overnight package: 

1st night $1400 + $1150 for each additional night

  • Overnight support to implement a personalized  sleep plan, 12 hours/night

  • Two weeks of follow up support- by phone, email or text

  • Comprehensive intake process to get to know your family and help prepare you for the sleep training process

  • Night-weaning plan and support if your baby is ready to end night feedings   

Baby sleep training services
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References available upon request.

We LOVE Evi. She has the most warm, loving, calm energy - something I felt from the very first moment she walked into my apartment. Evi was SO good with our son - a true baby whisperer! She is gentle, calm, and loving. She easily soothed our baby and expertly, lovingly handled him. She genuinely cared for him, which makes a momma so happy. What more could one ask for in a caregiver for their newborn? 
In addition to being a baby whisperer, Evi served as the most precious resource to me and my husband as we navigated the first few months of parenthood. She helped us in so many ways, many of which were unexpected to me as a first-time mom. From teaching me about breastfeeding, to sharing invaluable information around infant behavior, to providing recommendations on a wide variety of things - not just for my son, but for me as well (from products to food to routines, etc), Evi is a wealth of knowledge and experience. She effectively calmed us down when we were worried or confused, and answered questions via text during the days she wasn't with us. She made sure I was nourished and hydrated. She celebrated with, laughed with, and encouraged us. Not to mention, she helped us get SLEEP!!!! What a gift. 
Sitting on the bed with Evi while my son fed in the middle of the night was a pleasure - we'd talk about baby, but also about life. I made a friend in Evi and will treasure our experience with her forever! My husband and I trust her completely and cannot recommend her highly enough. 

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